Tear Thief Artwork

Our topic this term has been ‘Where would you catch a tear thief?’ The focus has been on narrative writing and explanation texts. Everyone has produced wonderful artwork and writing over the past few weeks which we wanted to share:


Year 4 – Home Learning

Year 4 have seen some excellent examples of home learning this week. Well done to everyone who has tried out our new ‘Greek’ home learning menu.

Here is our ‘Greek’ Home Learning Menu if you’d like to give it a try!

Year 4 Greek WOW Day

Year 4 launched into their new topic, “What did the Greeks do for us?” with a ‘WOW Wednesday’. The children competed in their own version of ancient Greek Olympic races, learned to write their names using the Greek alphabet and collaborated in teams to design and make a delicious Greek Salad.

Here are the Topic Map and Home Learning Menu for this term.

Year 4 Crime Scene Investigators

Year 4 became ‘Crime Scene Investigators’!


Our Learning Objective was to measure accurately and convert between centimetres, millimetres and metres. The pupils were fully engaged in the task at hand and produced some excellent work.


Year 4 Artists at Work

Art this term has focused on pencil, pen and ink drawings from an image. We have been drawing Varjak Paw, working hard and endeavouring to be the best we can be!


Zoolab visit Year 4

Last Wednesday, Year 4 were visited by ‘Zoolab’. During the visit, we took part in a biodiversity workshop and not only learned some amazing facts about living things, but also got up close and personal with insects, reptiles and mammals!


Did you know…

  • there are about 1.7 million different species on earth?
  • The Giant African Land Snail has 10,000 teeth on its tongue?
  • The hissing cockroach is the fastest insect on earth because it can travel up to 5km per hour!

What an amazing day we all had!

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Year 4 Trip to Durdham Downs

Year 4’s trip to Durdham Downs was a fantastic opportunity to enrich our science topic on ‘Living Things’ outside of the school, as well as complete some geography fieldwork. We participated in two workshops Hairy Conservationists and Mammal Detectives.


Year 4 set traps for the Tear Thief

Just before the half term break Year 4 had a fantastic week, busily designing and making traps to catch the Tear Thief! Using our scientific knowledge of circuits, we designed a trap to set off an alarm (a bulb) to catch the Tear Thief when she silently slip in through the open window. Having thought about luring her in with the wailing sounds of children, we then created a ‘window seat’ for her to step in on. As the Tear Thief enters, the flap would close and complete the circuit. In order for this to work, we made a circuit using wires, a battery and bulb, but it was incomplete. Two split pins, (good conductors since they are made from brass) would touch when the flap is closed and complete the circuit. These photographs show how we did it!


For our imagination station art we used tear drops to create expanded noun phrases and develop our descriptive language.


Thank you to those families who worked hard on the home learning: we had a few amazing Tear Thief houses and towns. Particular praise to Ella in 4B and Gem in 4C for their efforts.

Year 4 enjoyed an amazing STEM week

Year Four’s science topic this term is ‘All Living Things’, and the theme for Stem Week was ‘Changes’, so we planned an enquiry to find out ‘What is the best form of camouflage?’ and focused on invertebrates. During the week, we created class wormeries to investigate more about these creatures and the habitat they live in. We had many questions to research on our ipads and through observation. Within our writing lessons, we focused on explanation texts so designed posters to explain the frog life-cycle.

We had an amazing week and the Science Fair was a fabulous finish. Everyone was excited to try out other year group experiments and share their learning.