Year 3 Roman WOW Day

We enjoyed our Roman WOW day with a Roman costume fashion parade, Roman mosaics, sketching Roman artefacts and learning a song about the Romans.

Stem Week in Year 3

Our focus this week has been exploration and discovery. We enjoyed leading our own research on Monday and nature and creating investigations about pollution.


3 Year Explorers at Stoke Park

We had a brilliant time at Stoke Park learning about our local environment, making birds nests from natural materials and creating dens in the woods!


Year 3 Science Learning

After working hard in the class room, drawing and labelling parts of plants,  3L discovered what real plant roots look like in the school vegetable garden.    

Year 3 WOW Day

Our big question this term is DO we need a new world? Today we explored our new book, The Varmints by Helen Ward. We opened the wrapped book and found different clues about it. Then we explored the key themes which are nature and pollution. We carefully looked at different pieces of nature and scribed words about how nature makes us feel. Then we sketched the different plants and flowers and wrote some special adjectives around it. We are very excited to explore our new book and topic further!

Year 3 Healthy Cooking

At the end of term 3 we got the chance to design and create a healthy meal. We choose to make cheesy bean fajitas. We carefully cut onions, peppers and tomatoes using the bridge and claw technique and fried them with kidney beans and fajita seasoning. Once it was cooked, we put them in wraps and sprinkled them with cheese and lettuce – delicious!


Magical Scenes in Year 3

This week we are exploring our new text, ‘Leon and the place between’. Today we had fun doing an imagination station to create a magical scene. We used metallic paints, sequins, glitter, feathers and much more.