Year 2 News

This term, our topic is a good one…Dinosaurs! We all really enjoyed our ‘WOW’ day to introduce the topic. We made salty cheese dinosaur bones, created our own fossils, produced some fantastic art and learned all about the different dinosaurs.

In literacy, we have been reading ‘The Gigantosaurus’. We re-wrote the story after learning the actions carefully. Year 2 have been working hard to improve their handwriting as well as using exciting adjectives and openers. We had some amazing ‘examples of excellence’. I’m sure you’ll agree, they are really aspiring to be the best they can be.  In Maths, we’ve been working hard on multiplication! We have learned to draw arrays and pictures to represent multiplication facts.

We are also celebrating our ‘Heritage Month’ in school, thinking about what makes us special. We learned stories from different cultures and baked different breads from around the world (including Asian flatbreads and Welsh Bara Brith!) We painted some amazing portraits to go on a display outside the classroom. They really represent the motto of Heritage Month – ‘all different, all equal’.

It’s been a busy term and we still have so much left to look forward too, including the Christmas nativity…watch this space!

Year 2’s Space Topic

To kick start our topic ‘Space’ we had a ‘WOW’ day where we took part in lots of Art and D&T activities. We had a special visitor called Mario who bought along his inflatable planetarium. Inside, we were able to see the night sky projected on the ceiling. We learned lots about different stars, planets and constellations. Our topic this term is ‘Space’. We’ve had some amazing examples of homework so far. Sophia made some delicious ‘galaxy cupcakes’ at home to share with the class. Aurora made a model of our solar system, complete with 3D painted planets. Aurelia also made a model of our solar system, with a big 3D sun.

During Art, we created splatter paint planets using different techniques such as dabbing, splattering and mixing paint. Of course, we added glitter to make our planets look extra special!  During D.T, we created our own ‘clayliens’ (clay aliens). We haven’t painted them yet, but we can’t wait!

In literacy, we are learning to write instructions. We made our own fruit rockets, complete with watermelon nose cones. We are going to write up our instructions for how to make them. They were so tasty!

Year 2’s Update

The children in Year 2 completed an investigation looking at the affect sugary drinks has on an eggshell. We then looked at the importance of brushing our teeth.

We have been looking at animal habitats in Science this term and how animals have adapted to their environment. We also learnt about food chains and made our own.

Our topic this term is “Would you have a feast with a beast?” we read ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ and then created instructions for catching a beast. The children acted out their sequence in small groups and performed them in front of the class.

Year 2 work on their new topic ‘who left the oven on?’

It has been an exciting few weeks in Year 2. We started our new topic ‘ who left the oven on?’ by dressing up and doing lots of cooking. The children made a medieval pottage and were able to cut their own vegetables and write instructions to match. More recently, the children have been making their own bread. They had to budget for their own ingredients, create their own packaging and eventually make their own bread. We had some quite unusual recipes. Anyone fancy a cheese and chocolate bread roll? After the children made their bread rolls, they created adverts in drama.

We have received some fantastic Tudor style houses as part of our half term homework – they look amazing!

Year 2 visit Bristol Zoo

Year 2 enjoyed their time at Bristol zoo this term. The children learnt about the polar regions in an ‘Arctic Experience workshop’. They learnt about different animals including arctic foxes, polar bears and penguins. One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Mischa the polar bear. After the workshop, the children had the opportunity to explore the zoo. They particularly enjoyed looking at the seals and penguins.


Things may get a little messy

Year 2 had a fantastic start to our Space topic with a visit from the planetarium. The children explored different planets and even went aboard the International Space Station. It was lovely to see the children thinking of interesting questions which we will be exploring throughout our topic. In Science, we will be making space slime and moon rocks which may get a little messy!


Fruit Rockets

Year 2 have had fun making and eating fruit rockets this week.