Year 1 step back to Victorian times

Year 1 stepped back in time and became Victorian children and teachers to launch our new topic. We spent a morning role playing in our new Victorian class room. The teachers could be very strict! We practised our letters on chalk boards and wrote number sentences until we learnt them by heart! Did you know Victorian children did a lot of art in school? We drew still life pictures of fruit using pastels. We also drew our own silhouettes using charcoal. Some of us got very messy! In the afternoon, we learnt about and played with real Victorian toys.

Year 1 News

Maths: We’ve been learning our number bonds within 10 as well as the part, part, whole method.

Gruffalo Crumble: We worked together to make a delicious Gruffalo Crumble. We made sure we used lots of fruit to keep it healthy!

 Science: We’ve been investigating our own bodies and signs of Autumn. We went for a walk around school to see what we could find.

Year 1 are going back in time to the Victorian Age

This term Year 1 are going back in time and we are learning about the Victorians! We started off our Topic with a WOW day were the children spent a morning doing activities that Victorian children would have done in school back then.


The children have also explored different Victorian toys and we made our own Thaumatropes!

For Maths, we have been learning about capacity and measuring liquids in litres and millilitres. We have explored how they are different to one another and what things can be measured in litres/millilitres.


A busy start

Year 1 have had a busy start to the term settling into new routines and classrooms!  They begun exploring the story of the Gingerbread Man. The children had lots of fun making delicious Gingerbread Men, luckily none of them jumped up and ran away!



The children have enjoyed making structures and exploring 3D shapes.