Year 1 step back to Victorian times

Year 1 stepped back in time and became Victorian children and teachers to launch our new topic. We spent a morning role playing in our new Victorian class room. The teachers could be very strict! We practised our letters on chalk boards and wrote number sentences until we learnt them by heart! Did you know Victorian children did a lot of art in school? We drew still life pictures of fruit using pastels. We also drew our own silhouettes using charcoal. Some of us got very messy! In the afternoon, we learnt about and played with real Victorian toys.

Year 4 – Home Learning

Year 4 have seen some excellent examples of home learning this week. Well done to everyone who has tried out our new ‘Greek’ home learning menu.

Here is our ‘Greek’ Home Learning Menu if you’d like to give it a try!

Year 4 Greek WOW Day

Year 4 launched into their new topic, “What did the Greeks do for us?” with a ‘WOW Wednesday’. The children competed in their own version of ancient Greek Olympic races, learned to write their names using the Greek alphabet and collaborated in teams to design and make a delicious Greek Salad.

Here are the Topic Map and Home Learning Menu for this term.

Magical Scenes in Year 3

This week we are exploring our new text, ‘Leon and the place between’. Today we had fun doing an imagination station to create a magical scene. We used metallic paints, sequins, glitter, feathers and much more.



Year 4 Crime Scene Investigators

Year 4 became ‘Crime Scene Investigators’!


Our Learning Objective was to measure accurately and convert between centimetres, millimetres and metres. The pupils were fully engaged in the task at hand and produced some excellent work.


Year 6 Engineers

Last week Year 6 were lucky enough to be taught by students of UWE’s engineering faculty. Over the course of the day, the children developed their understanding of the role of engineers and what they do to make our lives easier.

The main focus of the day was to design and build a vacuum cleaner using paper cups, motors and fans, following the cycle of an engineer – ‘Ask- Plan – Build – Improve’ to create a successful final design. In addition, 6G created parachutes to save a falling egg whilst 6P investigated how to create structures to hold weights using wine gums and cocktail sticks.

It was an interesting, engaging and informative day that will hopefully inspire the engineers of the future!

Year 2 News

This term, our topic is a good one…Dinosaurs! We all really enjoyed our ‘WOW’ day to introduce the topic. We made salty cheese dinosaur bones, created our own fossils, produced some fantastic art and learned all about the different dinosaurs.

In literacy, we have been reading ‘The Gigantosaurus’. We re-wrote the story after learning the actions carefully. Year 2 have been working hard to improve their handwriting as well as using exciting adjectives and openers. We had some amazing ‘examples of excellence’. I’m sure you’ll agree, they are really aspiring to be the best they can be.  In Maths, we’ve been working hard on multiplication! We have learned to draw arrays and pictures to represent multiplication facts.

We are also celebrating our ‘Heritage Month’ in school, thinking about what makes us special. We learned stories from different cultures and baked different breads from around the world (including Asian flatbreads and Welsh Bara Brith!) We painted some amazing portraits to go on a display outside the classroom. They really represent the motto of Heritage Month – ‘all different, all equal’.

It’s been a busy term and we still have so much left to look forward too, including the Christmas nativity…watch this space!