Bristol Walk Fest

We completed the Bristol Walk Fest Measured Mile Challenge today. We took children from Reception to Year 5. The children had the opportunity to meet the Lord Mayor, Strider the healthy schools mascot. They peddled on a bike that chopped and whizzed up their own smoothies. We had a great time!



Reception Places Offers for September 2017


From today the local authority will be informing parents and carers of the reception school place their child is being offered. We are delighted to welcome all our new reception children and their families to Filton Avenue Primary School.

The school is now closed for the Easter holidays and re-opens on Monday 24th April. During the first week of term we will be allocating places at our two sites and we will write to let you know which site your child is being offered by 28th April 2017.

30 Days to Make a Change | Moving around Respectfully

After a very successful first two challenges, with children and adults alike commenting on the improvements made, our third 30 Days to Make a Change – Moving around Respectfully – has been running for the last couple of weeks and will continue until the holidays.

Moving around Respectfully includes the following: entering and leaving classrooms and the school building quietly and sensibly; showing consideration for others (pupils and adults alike), whether they are in classrooms, offices or the corridor itself; moving around school in a sensible, thoughtful and responsible way, carrying bags carefully, lining-up properly, avoiding physical contact with other students and respecting other pupils’ space. This list is not exhaustive, rather it is a guide to the sort of behaviours we are looking for. As with each of the 30 Days challenges, a key aspect of this one is placing an emphasis on the pupils taking responsibility for themselves, rather than needing reminders from adults. As the behaviours become habits, we would expect to see more and more evidence of this independence across the school.

Once again, all members of staff will be modelling, highlighting, praising and rewarding children, across the school; we hope that you will support us with this too.


Do you like being creative?

Do you enjoy treasure hunts?

If the answer to these questions is yes then you and your family will enjoy taking part in the Art & Sole trail!

The Art & Sole is on Saturday 20th May from 11am – 3pm.

It’s similar to the Gromit trail, you’ll be given a map of the local area and the aim is to find as many giant apples as you can. We’ll be decorating our own giant apple which you’ll see when you visit us and as you follow the trail to the different venues you will be able to take part in art activities.


The last blog of term 4

The last blog of Term 4, before we break up for the two-week holiday, brings lots of exciting news from both campuses.

Following Unique Voice’s visits in February, a group of our pupils at Lockleaze Road ran an assembly for parents/carers and a Phase 3 audience, while the Orchard Campus group ran one for parents/carers and Year 1, 2 and 3. Having spent an afternoon collaborating to prepare it, the children presented on how to stay safe when using the Internet and going online. e-Safety is a key part of our Computing Curriculum, but as access to the Internet and social media becomes easier, understanding the potential dangers become even more important. Thank you to all of you who supported these events.

The NSPCC have visited both Orchard Campus and Lockleaze Road, holding assemblies for Year 1 – 6 and then running workshops for our Y5 + 6 children at Lockleaze Road. The assemblies delivered the NSPCC’s ‘Speak out. Stay safe.’ programme, which focuses on how children can keep themselves safe from harm and how to get help if they have any worries. Our pupils took a lot from the assemblies and workshops, and are now more aware of how they can ‘Speak out’ and ‘Stay safe’.

Each term we continue to hear from different classes about their learning. This term we have been wowed by: Pear and Willow Class at Orchard Campus; 1R, 1G, 2B, 3G, 4C, 6G and 6W at Lockleaze Road. These class assemblies continue to be very well supported by you and we know how much it means to the pupils to be able to show-off their learning to an audience.

Year 3 went to the Roman Baths in Bath as part of their Romans topic. The children enjoyed applying their knowledge about Roman Gods and Roman architecture as they walked around. The children were complimented on their good manners and behaviour.

The inaugural Filton Avenue Primary School ‘Careers Fair’ took place at Lockleaze Road, last Tuesday. It was a huge success, providing our Y5 + 6 pupils with the opportunity to meet and speak to a wide range of different professions, including: medicine, law, engineering, construction, farming, accountancy, the army, music, police, retail, beauty and acting, to name but a few. It was an innovative afternoon, which has raised awareness amongst our older pupils of some of the many and varied careers that are open to them. A massive thank you must go to all our ‘exhibitors’ who gave up their time to come and spend the afternoon with our pupils – having spoken to many of them, we know how much they got from the experience; as well as to Sarah Stefanini for all her hard work in organising the event. We eagerly look forward to our next ‘Careers Fair’!

Saturday saw the school’s Spring Fair take place at Lockleaze Road. The sun shone and the large numbers of people who visited enjoyed the wide-range of stalls and activities; it was great to see Orchard Campus parents/carers at the fair and we look forward to more whole-school events in the future. Naturally, there are many thank yous required following all the logistics that go into organising an event of this size. Not least to Jane and the rest of the FFA team (too many to mention individually, but you know who you are!) here at Lockleaze Road, and to Ben Westley and all the other staff who contributed to such a successful day. Special mentions to our entrepreneurs, i.e. the children who ran their own stalls, Steve England for the recommendation of the Owl Sanctuary, the Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, and Ebenezer Church for the loan of their van to transport the stocks.

We are also pleased to announce the winners of the Easter Egg design competition: Freya at Orchard Campus; Donika (Y1). Piyu (Y5) and Gracie (Y6) at Lockleaze Road.


Both sites have held their Easter Bonnet Parades this week and, as always, they have been a riot of colour and creativity. Though we say it every year, the designs are getting more and more elaborate and the effort you all put in to this event is greatly appreciated. The pupils had a wonderful time parading up and down the catwalk in front of very enthusiastic audiences! Even our more nervous participants managed and smile and a twirl!

You may look at it regularly, but if not we’d like to remind you about Pobble. Pobble is an online platform that gives our Y3 – 6 pupils a global audience for their writing. Your child’s class teacher will post pieces of learning, written by our pupils, on the Pobble platform, enabling you to see published authors from across the school, city, country and beyond. Once you are logged-on to you are able to leave comments on any piece of writing that you’ve read. We feel this is a fantastic medium for promoting a love of writing and celebrate it in our weekly assemblies, asking children to tell the rest of the phase why they’re proud of that piece.

We have been undertaking a new 30 Days to Make a Change challenge this last month, focusing on ‘Moving around Respectfully’. As with our other 30 Days challenges, this has been a great success and has had a real impact on the feel of the school. We will start a new challenge in May. Please see our website for more details.

Finally, we hope you all have a really good break from school and wish you a happy Easter, if you celebrate it. We look forward to seeing you all for the start of Term 5 on Monday 24th April.

Heads’ of School blog

We’ve reached over half way through the year already! Christmas feels like a distant memory and we welcome some warmer, sunny days!  We have had some wonderful class assemblies this term, each one shows the progress the children are making across the curriculum as well as seeing children’s confidence grow as well.

Our e-safety workshops, led by Unique Voice, have been extremely successful. Unique Voice commented on how knowledgeable the children were and on their enthusiastic participation during the assemblies and workshops.

We have had several trips this term to support learning in class. Year 2 visited Bristol Zoo and were particularly excited about the new addition to the gorillas. Year 1 enjoyed their trip to the SS Great Britain, despite the weather! We’ve seen excellent examples of writing about Brunel and his life. Year 1s have particularly enjoyed this topic; their costumes for the Victorian Day were fantastic. Year 4 visited the M Shed where children took part in workshops and then had the opportunity to walk around Bristol to see examples of our beautiful architecture. Their topic of World War 2 has inspired some fantastic writing. Mrs Castle, a parent, also came in to share her grandfather’s experiences of being a pilot during the war. We would like to say thank you to all the parents/carers that have supported learning in class, home learning and especially to those parent/carers that have supported us during trips out of school.

Year 2 Trip to the Bristol Zoo

Year 1 Trip to SS Great Britain

Year 4 – M Shed Trip

We’ve have seen some excellent examples of learning in class and home learning this term. Miss Datta has struggled to keep up and celebrate their success by posting a picture on my door. “As well as seeing some superb letter formation and sounding out from Apple class, I’ve seen Pear Class challenging themselves with fractions. Trips have really had an impact on learning in the classroom as children have shared their memorable moments from the trip with me. I’ve been particularly impressed with how children have preserved this term, especially when they have found the learning challenging. There has been a real focus in Cherry Class to go back and check their work, using their Mr Men reminders. Across the school, children have been trying their best to get their Pen Licences and are working hard on their letter formation to achieve this. I look forward to awarding more pen licences this term!”

The staff start their big topics with a wow day, this inspires the children’s writing and gets them excited about that term’s learning.

Apple – Goldilocks


Cherry – Victorian Day

Pear – Tudor Day

Hazel – Circus Day

Willow – Greek Day

We have had another successful ‘No Pens Day’. Children and teachers focused on speaking, listening, and sharing their ideas verbally.

As ever, the FFA discos have been extremely popular and successful. Our first disco for Reception and Year 1 showed off some of our fantastic dancers!

As a school we have been working on ‘30 Days to Make a Change’ challenges since Christmas. We started with ‘Manners’ and will continue to work on this, but the impact, as reported by staff and pupils alike, has been hugely positive. This month we are asking the children to show ‘Respect for Property’. This month we are focusing on ‘moving around respectfully’. Please see our website for more details and if you click on the Year Group Blogs you will see examples of current learning in class.

World Book Day was a real success with children and staff dressing up as their favourite characters.

STEM Week 2017

We have focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Children have been introduced to all areas of STEM during the week. Like last year, we have been very lucky as parent volunteer have  come in to share their expertise/career. I would like to say thank you to Anne Kennedy, Mark Ireland, Adrian Upex,  Karin Kjernsmo,  Mike Nobbs and Dan Pope. They have been invited to come in over the next few weeks to inspire the children into STEM subjects. The teachers have been investigating with the children, based on an Enquiry Based Learning model. Parent/carers were invited in during Open Week to share the learning. On Tuesday Children investigating Pi Day and all their learning was bought together on Friday where children showed off the investigations they had conducted during the week.



Christmas at Orchard Campus

Tesco Christmas Cards

Following last year’s success, the children made a whole class Christmas card to sell at the local Tesco. On Thursday 8th December, a small group of children from each class were invited to Tesco to share their Christmas cards with the community.

As well as being invited to share the food laid out for them, they also had a chance to serve behind the tills. One child even became store manager for the time they were in the store. The children thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and had the chance to serve the local community. We would like to give a huge thank you to Tesco Express, Filton Road, especially Mr. Skuodas (a parent at Orchard Campus) and Store Manager.


Christmas Fair

This year brought the return of the Christmas Fair. From face painting to animals there was something for everyone! The FFA raised £590 from the fair! An incredible effort from the team for organising the successful event. A huge thank you for all the local companies and our community that contributed such wonderful prizes to our raffle, we had some very happy prize winners! I would like to say a huge thank you to the FFA for all their hard work this year.


Christmas Performances

Thank you to all the parents/carers that attended our Christmas performances. All he children performed confidently and sang beautifully!


Year 3/ 4

Fantastic singing where Year 3 and 4 had learnt all the words. We also had some musical individual performances – their confident performances showed how much they have learnt in this last term.

Year 3 Trip to the Roman Baths

To round off our fantastic Roman topic, Year 3 visited the Roman Baths. The children participated in a range of fun activities including making mosaics, handling precious ancient artefacts and dressing up as Romans. We also got the opportunity to look around the museum. We all had a fun day.


Green Class visit to Tesco

As part of our topic, ‘Lets go for a walk’ the children have been learning about their environment and local community. We walked to Tesco on Filton Avenue, the children were given some money to spend and they had to make a healthy choice. The other photos show the children returning to school, sat on the carpet sharing out and eating the food they purchased.

It was lots of fun!

Year 3 News

Year three are enjoying our roman topic. We kick started our topic with a WOW day. We dressed up, had a Roman fashion show, explored Roman artefacts, learnt about Roman numerals and created our own mosaics.


Last week we got stuck in to science. We planned and conducted a range of experiements from making patterns in milk, bobbing raisins, making coins shiny, growing our own salt crystals and observing what happens when coke and mentos are mixed together. On Thursday we got the opportunity to exhibit our learning at the OSB science fair. Some of the children presented throughout the day whilst other set up and ran a science stall.


Year 4 enjoyed an amazing STEM week

Year Four’s science topic this term is ‘All Living Things’, and the theme for Stem Week was ‘Changes’, so we planned an enquiry to find out ‘What is the best form of camouflage?’ and focused on invertebrates. During the week, we created class wormeries to investigate more about these creatures and the habitat they live in. We had many questions to research on our ipads and through observation. Within our writing lessons, we focused on explanation texts so designed posters to explain the frog life-cycle.

We had an amazing week and the Science Fair was a fabulous finish. Everyone was excited to try out other year group experiments and share their learning.


Year 4 Ancient Greek Mount Olympus Cake

We’ve had a great piece of homework for our Ancient Greece topic. Miley made a Mount Olympus cake with symbols to represent some of the Gods, including Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes, Zeus and Hades and talked about each of them.